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Tailored Solutions

We are here to help you create stunning projects, wow your customers and win new clients.
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Home Builder or Architects
Create outdoor spaces that increase the value of the homes you build.
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Create accurate and detailed plans for your projects.
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Create 3D designs and visualizations for your ideas to present to clients
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Home Flippers
Create attractive outdoor spaces that increase the value of the property.
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Real Estate Agents
Help clients stage their outdoor spaces when selling a property.
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Provide exterior paint designs to showcase your painting services professionally to clients

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Evolution of a landscape design from initial sketch to detailed plan and finished garden space

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Aerial view of a residential property with an overlaid 2D plan indicating design layout

Detailed 2D CAD Plans

Get the details just right with our clear 2D CAD plans. Fast, accurate, and made to match your unique project needs—we make sure you’re set up for success every step of the way.

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Get amazing renderings

See your designs pop in 3D! Our team takes your 2D plans and turns them into dazzling 3D renderings. Get ready to wow your clients and bring your projects to life in a whole new way!

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3D Outdoor Design Rendering Assistance for Contractors
Elegant backyard design featuring furniture from top retailers, ready for client presentation

Get real brands collection

Your design expert will create a design with furniture from top retailers that you can provide to your clients, and they'll be eager to bring it home.

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Custom Design Packages

Our dedicated experts craft premium 2D plans to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your property.


Architectural hardscape plan for residential outdoor space with measurements and design symbols.
The Front Plan

Custom 2D Landscape Plans for Your Clients' Front Yards

Create a stunning first impression and add value to your clients' homes.
Select size
Up to 1/2 acre Over 1/2 acre

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Estimate delivery in 2 Weeks
Landscape floor plan with outdoor living features and dimensions next to a residence
The Back Plan

Custom 2D Landscape Plans for Your Clients' Back Yards

Design a private and inviting space for your clients to relax and entertain.
Select size
Up to 1/2 acre Over 1/2 acre

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Estimate delivery in 2 Weeks
Landscape design plan showcasing a variety of plantings, paving patterns, and garden features around a residential layout
The Full Plan

Custom 2D Landscape Plans for Your Clients' Entire Yards

Transform your clients' entire property into a beautiful and functional outdoor oasis.
Select size
Up to 1/2 acre Over 1/2 acre

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Estimate delivery in 2 Weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Homely Design is a modern and innovative way of landscaping that is different from traditional methods. We have made the landscaping process faster, more affordable, and easier by doing everything online. We took out the tedious and time-consuming parts of traditional landscaping and made everything simpler. Our remote work process means that there are no costly site visits, and we can design outdoor spaces that fit perfectly with our clients' needs. With Homely Design, homeowners can enjoy a sustainable and beautiful outdoor living space that enhances their quality of life.

Anyone who owns a yard and wants to make it better! Our services are not just limited to homeowners - we also work with people who have land, as well as facilities like retirement homes and companies. In short, anyone who wants to improve their outdoor space can benefit from our services.

Homely Design creates conceptual designs to help homeowners visualize their outdoor space. We don't provide construction drawings, professionally stamped drawings or grade plans, irrigation designs, draining, or grading diagrams. It's the client's responsibility to apply for permits in accordance with the guidelines of their local municipality or city and make final decisions on construction with their own qualified contractor.

We have an amazing team of experts who are passionate about landscaping and making the world a greener and more beautiful place. Our team consists of talented landscape designers, highly skilled architectural engineers, brilliant horticulturalists, and other accomplished professionals with landscaping backgrounds. We also have a dedicated support staff that ensures everything runs smoothly for both our team and clients.

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