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Traditional Landscape Design

Hard to visualize plans, limited to the designer’s personal style, expensive revisions, unexpected costs

❎ Cost: Can be expensive

❎ Timeline: Can take several months to complete

❎ Site Visit: Requires a site visit

❎ 3D Renderings: May or may not include 3D renderings

❎ Happy clients

The Homely Design

Online collaboration with a designer, 3D imagess to visualize your design, within budget and style preferences

βœ… Cost: More affordable

βœ… Timeline: Faster turnaround time

βœ… Site Visit: No site visit required

βœ… 3D Renderings: All packages include 3D renderings

βœ… Happy clients

How can we turn your vision into a reality?

Modern backyard with a poolside deck and pergola designed by Homely Design using advanced satellite imagery and 3D software.
Satellite Imagery
Determine the topography and slope accurately.
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3D Software
Create detailed 3D models and photorealistic renderings.
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Plant Science
Select plants based on geolocation and USDA zone.
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Expert Team
A group of talented architects, landscape designers, and horticulturists.
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Why Choose Us

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Professional Team

Work with a talented team that will bring unique expertise to your landscape design project.

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Real Value

Get the best value for your money with design packages tailored to the size and needs of your property.

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Technology Meets Yard Design

We use cutting-edge technologies to create accurate 3D models and precise 2D CAD drawings for your outdoor space.

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Sustainability Matters

We love nature, so we design outdoor spaces that are both healthy for the earth and great for you.

Our philosophy on your outdoor space project


outdoor table showcasing the natural wood grain and texture, symbolizing sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

We use sustainable materials for our designs, like recycled wood and natural stone, minimizing environmental impact.


Sustainable Gardening - Nurturing Young Plants for a Greener Future

We prioritize native and adapted species, requiring less maintenance and water, while supporting local ecosystems.


Sustainable design featuring low water plants and water-efficient fixtures for effective water conservation.

Water conservation is vital to our sustainable designs. Our designs conserve water through techniques like incorporating low-water plants and water-efficient fixtures.