Our Design Practices

We make sure that every design we make not only looks beautiful but also good to the environment.

Designing With Nature In Mind

Before & After Transformations

Residential landscape transformation before-after Aerial view of a modern home's expansive driveway and curated landscaping


Canada's climate is changing and affecting the environment. See how Homely Design helps.

Red maple tree in a backyard full of grass and deck behind it

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We choose water-wise, easy-to-care-for native trees and shrubs, helping you lessen your carbon footprint and enjoy a greener yard.

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We include LED lighting and solar power in our designs, cutting down on energy use and boosting efficiency in a smart, eco-friendly way.

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We carefully select native plants in our designs to support local wildlife and maintain ecological balance, crafting landscapes that are both vibrant and sustainable habitats.

Nature Reimagined

Highlights from Our Eco-Friendly Landscape Designs

Permeable hardscape eco-friendly yard

Breathable Garden Pathways

This innovative landscape design features eco-friendly permeable paving that allows water to return to the soil, reducing runoff and mitigating heat retention. By prioritizing ground-cooling materials, this garden offers a sustainable solution that harmonizes with the environment and enhances local biodiversity.

Sustainable drought resistant garden design

Desert Serenity

This sustainable landscape design showcasing low-water plants and no-grass alternatives like gravel and decomposed granite, creating a maintenance-friendly and water-efficient garden space.

Native plants wildlife friendly yard design

Nature's Harmony Retreat

A vibrant garden using native flora to foster a wildlife-attracting environment, merging effortlessly with the local habitat for a truly natural outdoor experience

Solar panels energy saving outdoor design

Sun-Powered Oasis

Modern, energy-efficient outdoor space, seamlessly integrating solar panels and solar-powered lighting fixtures. The design promotes sustainable living with its focus on renewable energy and eco-friendly materials.

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