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Our team of talented designers and horticulturists will bring your dream yard to life using the latest technology and plant science. With our affordable and accessible packages, your dream yard is within reach.

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Our Mission

Make Canada greener and more sustainable. We encourage homeowners to use native plants, trees, and eco-friendly materials in their outdoor spaces. Let's join forces to create a better place to live, one yard at a time.

Our Commitment

We believe in landscape design that goes beyond aesthetics. It should benefit people and animals while preserving your peace of mind. Our commitment is to create outdoor designs that are both stunning and environmentally friendly.

Our Story

Back in 2020, two brothers, Moayad and Abdul, decided to shake things up in the world of Canadian landscape design. With everyone stuck at home and the pandemic closing doors, they saw an opportunity to open a new one—right into Canada's backyards.

They launched Homely Design, a friendly online design service that helps homeowners transform their vision into reality. They ditched costly site visits and traditional design process with a modern, yet brilliantly simple, approach.

Now, you can visualize your future yard in 3D before the first stone is laid. It's not just about saving time and money; it’s about simplicity, affordability, and fun. Moayad and Abdul are more than business partners; they're two buddies on a mission to help you fall in love with your outdoor space again. 

Discover the Homely Design Difference

We create designs that match what you need, making us your top choice for landscape design services.

Professional Team

Professional Team

Work with a talented team that will bring unique expertise to your landscape design project.

Real Value

Real Value

Get the best value for your money with design packages tailored to the size and needs of your property.

Technology Meets Yard Design

Technology Meets Yard Design

We use cutting-edge technologies to create accurate 3D models and precise 2D CAD drawings for your outdoor space.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters

We love nature, so we design outdoor spaces that are both healthy for the earth and great for you.

Meet The Founder


Moayad Baker

Co-Founder & CEO


Abdul Baker

Co-Founder & Chief Landscape Architect

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“At Homely Design, we’re all about creating an outdoor space for better living. Join our dedicated team to make a difference, shake up an industry, and make beautiful landscape design available to everyone.”